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Our Story

Edis Rezende & Livia Rezende are the mother daughter duo behind Edis Chocolates. Edis emigrated from Brasil over 30 years ago where she enjoyed baking for friends and family. Her business began in 2002 with a presence in the Austin Farmer's Market where she quickly attracted sweet-tooth customers. She decided to the leap to a brick and mortar in Northwest Hills. Edis has always been committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and products. Her daughter, Livia, graduated from UT Austin with a Nutritional Sciences and a Master's in Integrative & Holistic Nutrition from INN has now become her right hand woman. Livia is now helping her as the chocolate business soars. When they aren't serving you the most decadent desserts, you probably won't find them because they're somewhere out there travelling the world gathering new flavors and ideas!

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