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From Dreams to Desserts: Celebrating International Women's Day at Edis Chocolates

Mother and daughter at a chocolate event

As International Women's Day is today, we at Edis Chocolates and Bakery, a beacon of passion, dedication, and the embodiment of a dream realized by a mother-daughter duo, invite you to partake in a celebration that intertwines the remarkable achievements of women with the universal joy of chocolate. Let's celebrate the role of chocolate—not just as a treat, but as a symbol of joy and empowerment that has been a constant companion in the journey of women worldwide. Join us as we honor the spirit of International Women's Day, reflecting on the sweet success of women's endeavors and the endless possibilities that lie ahead, all while savoring the exquisite creations that have marked our journey at Edis Chocolates and Bakery.


The Journey Begins

In the vibrant heart of Austin, Texas, a story of resilience, passion, and culinary artistry unfolds at Edis Chocolates and Bakery, a testament to the dreams and determination of its founder, Edis. At the young age of 21, Edis embarked on a journey from her homeland to Austin, a move that set the stage for a remarkable tale of success and innovation in the world of fine desserts. Her early years in the city were spent honing her craft in a local restaurant, where the seeds of her culinary passion were sown.

Chocolate truffles in the garden

Driven by a deep desire to share the power of good quality food and its impact on our bodies, Edis pursued a degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin. Her ambition was to revolutionize school nutrition systems, to educate and inspire a healthier future for the next generation.

However, fate had a sweet twist in store for her. As her desserts began to captivate the taste buds and hearts of many, Edis found her true calling not just in nutrition, but in the joy that her culinary creations brought to people's lives.


A Dream Baked in Tradition

Boxes of chocolate truffles

With her daughter Livia by her side, Edis started sharing her passion at the local farmers market in Sunset Valley. Those Saturdays with Livia were not just about selling chocolates; they were days filled with laughter, learning, and exchanging the fruits of their labor sometimes for kombucha or fresh veggies. The community's overwhelming response fanned the flames of Edis' dream, leading to the opening of Edis Chocolates in the fall of 2012, nestled in the NW hills of Austin. The bakery has since been a beacon of joy, crafting smiles with every truffle and macaron.


Empowering Through Chocolate

Mother and daughter traveling

Livia, witnessing her mother's dedication and success, followed in her footsteps to UT Austin, where she too graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. While her initial path seemed to lead towards medical school, Livia's heart was captivated by the art of dessert making. Embracing her passion, she joined forces with her mother, further enriching the legacy of Edis Chocolates and Bakery. This is our story—rooted in a shared love for quality, tradition, and the sweet moments that desserts can bring into our lives. It's a tale of two generations of women who turned their passion into a thriving business, touching lives and making Austin sweeter, one dessert at a time.


Join Us in Celebration

As we commemorate International Women's Day, Edis Chocolates and Bakery warmly invites you to join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of women everywhere, particularly the journey of resilience and achievement that defines our own mother-daughter venture. Our bakery is not just a place of business; it's a place of community and creativity. By stepping into our world of fine desserts, you become part of a story that extends beyond the delicacies we create—a story of dreams realized, challenges overcome, and a future bright with possibility.

This International Women's Day, let's come together to honor the strength and sweetness in all of us. Celebrate with us by enjoying special treats crafted with care and passion, and let's raise a toast (or a chocolate) to the incredible journey of women, in Austin and beyond, who inspire us daily with their courage, love, and unwavering spirit.

With love & chocolate,

the Edis Chocolates team

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