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Wedding Vibes

Many of you know we make delicious chocolates, but we also have been creating so beautiful wedding cakes for brides and grooms. We love to be a part of couples special days, everything about it is lovely. We like to make the process as simple as possible and now we're coming out with new recommendations for cake flavors. Stay tuned for those coming soon! We're just so excited, coming up with so many new things at Edis Chocolates and can't wait to share everything with you!

For all of you brides our there getting engaged and planning weddings, here are a few tips on how we do things at Edis Chocolates.

Before you arrange a cake consultation, I would have already taken some details about your wedding in terms of venue, number of guests expected, main colors/themes. I always also ask couples to send through any images they have of different aspects of their big day: the dress, the flowers, the invitations, as the more I can see of what they imagine their wedding will look like the more I can design something that really reflects their style. So share your Pinterest boards! Also share any pictures of cakes that might have grabbed your attention, and we can discuss what in particular you liked about each one.

First is tasting the cakes! Some couples know exactly what flavors or even flavor they want their cake to be, which is great, but don't worry if that's you - I won't hold out on the cake tasting! If you're undecided, then this is a great opportunity to try some flavors.

By the end of the consultation, between us we will have nailed down the design entirely - phew! From the color, to the ribbon, the details and the flowers, the pearls or lace - whatever detail that you want on your cake, will all be drawn out in the sketch which serves as a blueprint when it comes time to creating your wedding cake. You'll also have chosen your cake flavors (although there's no particular rush on this).

If you'd to arrange your wedding cake consultation then do send me an email to or through our portal on the Knot!

till next week!


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